Panagiotis Andriotis

PhD, SFHEA, GCFE, GASF | Assistant Professor in Computer Science | Digital Forensics Examiner | University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham, Office 227,

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences,

School of Computer Science,

Birmingham, U.K.

I am a Lecturer in Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), and a GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GIAC GCFE, GIAC GASF). I carry out interdisciplinary research into Cyber Security, Human Factors, and Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing. I teach Computer Science, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics topics.

Previously I was a Senior Lecturer in Computer Security and Forensics at UWE Bristol and a JSPS Fellow at the National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan. In the past I worked as a Research Associate at the University College London on the project Inferring the Purpose of Network Activities managed by Dr. Gianluca Stringhini and as a Research Assistant at the University of Bristol on the projects ForToo and NIFTy under the guidance of Prof. Theo Tryfonas. I also briefly participated as a Cyber Security Research Expert at an enhanced Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the De Montfort University and Airbus aiming to research new ways of protecting critical infrastructure.


Dec 17, 2022 We have a new article titled “Defending against adversarial machine learning attacks using hierarchical learning: A case study on network traffic attack classification” at Elsevier’s “Journal of Information Security and Applications” available open access :scroll:
Nov 13, 2022 The extended version of our latest paper titled “Bu-Dash: A Universal and Dynamic Graphical Password Scheme (Extended Version)” was accepted for publication at Springer’s “International Journal of Information Security” available open access :scroll:
Aug 30, 2022 I am raising funds for Cancer Research UK as a motivation to finish the Athens Marathon 2022. Please contribute here :runner:
Jul 13, 2022 I am now a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (U.K.) :medal_sports:
Jul 1, 2022 I enjoyed learning the fundamentals about Security in the Azure Cloud! I am now Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals :sparkles:
Jun 23, 2022 We will soon have an article published at the journal Learning, Media and Technology, titled “AI Hyped? A horizon scan of discourse in Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) and development” :newspaper:
Jun 7, 2022 Participating in outreach activities with the Fukushima High School students discussing about “Human Aspects of Cyber Security” for the JSPS Science Dialogue Programme :crossed_flags: (20th June)
May 20, 2022 I joined the Editorial Board of the ACM journal Digital Threats: Research and Practice as an Associate Editor :open_book:
Mar 18, 2022 Check out our new Open Access article titled “Functionality-Preserving Adversarial Machine Learning for Robust Classification in Cybersecurity and Intrusion Detection Domains: A Survey”, work led by our PhD student Andrew McCarthy :open_book:
Feb 6, 2022 We have a new paper titled “Bu-Dash: A Universal and Dynamic Graphical Password Scheme” preprint, blog post, to appear in HCI International 2022 :lock:
Oct 22, 2021 I am on sabbatical leave, working at the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo as a JSPS Fellow :jp:
Oct 18, 2021 I was appointed as an External Examiner at Cardiff Metropolitan University :classical_building:
Aug 15, 2021 I have a fully funded PhD studentship available at UWE Bristol for a candidate to work on fuzzing and software security :mortar_board:
Apr 29, 2021 I received the “Impact Award” from UWE Bristol’s Student Union during this year’s “Student Experience Awards” :trophy:
Apr 15, 2021 I am now certified as a mobile device examiner: GIAC Advanced Smartphone Forensics (GASF) :sparkles:
Jan 23, 2021 I was awarded the FOR585 SANS Lethal Forensicator Coin :muscle:
Jul 19, 2020 We received the Best Paper Award at the HCI International 2020 conference for our paper: “To Allow, or Deny? That is the Question.” preprint, video :1st_place_medal:

selected publications

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    AI hyped? A horizon scan of discourse on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED) and development
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    Defending against adversarial machine learning attacks using hierarchical learning: A case study on network traffic attack classification
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  4. HCII20
    To Allow, or Deny? That is the Question
    Andriotis, Panagiotis, and Takasu, Atsuhiro
    In HCI for Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust 2020
  5. TCYB
    Highlighting Relationships of a Smartphone’s Social Ecosystem in Potentially Large Investigations
    Andriotis, Panagiotis, Oikonomou, George, Tryfonas, Theo, and Li, Shancang
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    Risk Assessment for Mobile Systems Through a Multilayered Hierarchical Bayesian Network
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    Studying users’ adaptation to Android’s run-time fine-grained access control system
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